July 26th 2014

I attented a wonderful talk today given by Adrian Madril in Edinburgh. Adrian practises in Kansas, USA, and he works largely alongside medical practitioners in the US, helping people to reduce the stress associated with medical conditions. 

He talked passionately about  demonstrating to medical professionals the benefits that can be achieved through hypnosis- and how hypnosis can affect their patient's physiological reponses. 

He shared many practical examples about how he has helped people to reduce their pain, through reducing their stress, relaxation, breathing and assisting them to change their ways of thinking.

I found Adrian to be an inspiring individual.  Above all I loved his humanity,  creativity and humour. It seems very clear to me that he loves helping people and that it is the relationship that he has with his clients and seeing them meet their goals that inspires him.

I also love the tagline on his business card- 'Helping ordinary people... with everyday problems.' I wish I had thought of that!

It sums up what hypnotherapy can do. Thank you Adrian.

The workshop was supported by the Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation     

September 2014

Eye Movement Integration Plus Training Weekend with Nigel Hetherington

This was a very valuable and healing weekend learning and practising Eye Movment Integration plus with Nigel. I benefitted greatly from the weekend, both professionally and personally. Nigel is a very accomplished trainer and  incorporates  humour into his teaching and in his work with clients. He  demonstrated the value  EMI Plus can have when working with resolving trauma and unwanted thoughts and memories. 

As a group of experienced hypnotherapists we practised his methods extensively with each other and I  certainly felt the benefits for myself- leaving the final day of the course feeling lighter,  freer,  optimistic and happy to be able to offer my clients EMI Plus if  it would be of benefit to them.