Are the stresses and strains of modern life getting you down and interfering with what you want to get out of life?

Hypnotherapy has been shown to help in easing fear, anxiety, pain and negative thinking by tackling the stresses that many of us experience when balancing the day to day and juggling our commitments to family, work, friends and our health.  By enabling deep relaxation, reducing stress and heightening responsiveness to positive suggestions, hypnotherapy can help  you change unwanted beliefs, feelings and behaviours in a safe environment with someone who is qualifed to help you.

I am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and am a fully insured and qualified advanced clinical hypnotherapist.

NEW Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Group

Self Hypnosis techniques can be used to help make and maintain changes in eating habits and lifestyle which lead to  healthier choices and a boost in self-esteem, getting rid of the yo-yo diet trap. Learn these techniques in a group specially designed with weight loss and body esteem in mind, and also benefit from weight loss hypnotherapy at each session. Learning to love and appreciate your body can be the first step to looking after it better.

Create your own group of family, friends or colleagues or join a group of like minded people. Group size is a minimum of six and a maximum of eight.

Each Group will run for four sessions.

Cost per person for the whole course of four sessions is £60- making weight loss and healthy choice hypnotherapy affordable! 

Hypnotherapy can help with problems such as stopping smoking, weight management,  coping with managing stress & anxiety, phobias, exam and driving test nerves, IBS,  resolving trauma and unwanted thoughts,insomnia, confidence, public speaking and performance in sports & the arts.

I understand that choosing hypnotherapy and a hypnotherapist can be a difficult process for you, especially if you have never experienced hypnotherapy before. Hopefully, my Frequently Asked Questions Page will provide useful information for you to explore hypnotherapy. I am always available to answer any questions or queries you might have by phone or email.

If you find you want to try hypnotherapy, but are unsure then I am happy to book you a free taster session with no obligation.

What upsets people is not things themselves,

but their opinions about things